4 Reasons Why the Swindon Economy Can Benefit Your Business

Did you know that Swindon is one of the most robust places in the UK today to do business? While the UK economy may still be recovering, Swindon is way out ahead in terms of business advantage for companies setting up shops, offices or factories in the area. In fact, Swindon is among the top 10 most innovative areas in the country for business. Here are just a few reasons why the Swindon economy can help you set up or grow your enterprise.

1. Leading Businesses Trust Swindon

If you set up in Swindon you will be in good company. Many UK companies and organisations call Swindon home and have their headquarters in the town, including the UK Space Agency, The National Trust, B&Q, the Technology Strategy Board (TSB), Wilson Tools UK, First Great Western, the Nationwide Building Society, BMW Group, WHSmith, Motorola and Zurich. The biggest company in the area by turnover is Intel, followed by RWE npower and Arval. The fact that these major companies invest in Swindon is proof that the local economy and conditions are beneficial for major business.

2. Small Businesses Love Swindon, Too

It’s not just the big players that make Swindon home. Small businesses and start-ups also find the region profitable, and take advantage of the different sources of funding and mentoring support for companies in the region. Swindon was one of the most popular places for start-ups in the South West in 2012, and there are clearly high levels of entrepreneurship in the town. The availability of cost effective office space, including thedorcancomplex.com, is also a factor in the attraction of Swindon and the surrounding area for small and medium sized companies.

3. Swindon Boasts Important Growth Sectors

The economy in Swindon allows several important growth sectors to develop, which helps the overall business climate as well as companies within these sectors. For example, Swindon’s strong engineering heritage helps to boost the region’s manufacturing industry. Other innovative sectors are also expanding, including advanced engineering with the likes of Honda and Zarlink Semiconductors leading the field, plus biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, alternative energy and green technology, information and communications technology, and financial and business services including Zurich and Bank of New York.

4. Swindon has a Productive Workforce

It’s not just the financial economy that helps Swindon business thrive – the human economy also allows businesses to prosper in Swindon. The Swindon population has the right mix of productivity and skills to sustain and support business growth. According to statistics from the Office for National Statistics, people in Swindon are among the most productive in the UK. Swindon is one of the most productive towns in the South West, and it is the fourth-most productive location in the UK aside from London. At 12.5 percent above the national average in terms of productivity, companies can benefit from this healthy work culture. In Swindon, around 40 percent of people are employed at a skilled, professional, or managerial level.

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