4 Steps to the Best Exhibition Stand for Your Business

No one wants to waste money on exhibiting at an event that doesn’t bring a return on investment. No business has the time to spend at an exhibition without achieving something. But it can be hard to create the right impression and attract the right people. Your display stand is a crucial aspect of your event marketing arsenal and it often makes the difference between success and failure. No matter your budget or the size of your stand, you need to make an impact. Here’s how to create a display stand that promotes your business in a relevant, interesting way.


Step 1. Review Your Past Performance

If you have exhibited at past events, the first step is to review your past performance based on your display so that you know what to repeat and what to avoid. You can also refine certain aspects of the display that may have been a good idea but could benefit from fine-tuning to increase effectiveness.

Step 2. Review the Performance of Others

If you have never exhibited before or if your previous attempts were not particularly effective, look at other people who may have won awards for their displays, or who looked like they were particularly busy at the last show. What did they do to their stand that made a difference? Could you incorporate any ideas into your display (no stealing)? Look outside your own industry for ideas that could work in some way for you.

Step 3. Seek Professional Advice

Whether it is advice on the types of banners to use on your display from http://www.rollerbannersuk.com, or technological advice about integrating tablets into the display or using screens from an audio-visual company, make sure you seek the right advice. These people have years of experience in the industry and can recommend you try things you may not have considered before. They will also be able to suggest ideas for smaller budgets. You should also bookmark some websites for event planners, or event marketers – most will have blogs where news and creative ideas are posted on a regular basis.

Step 4. Don’t Do It All

You need to keep your display relevant. Which means that you can’t use all of the ideas you get from every one of these sources – that would create a cluttered, directionless display that won’t serve your purposes. Make sure that the display meets your needs, whether you want to market a particular product, or chase leads. Any promotional items must be immediately able to be identified and connected to your brand. Your message should be loud and clear, and not lost in pointless gimmicks. If you use something as a conversation starter make sure it is easily associated with your business, for example different destinations and pictures of travel will be ideal for a travel-associated company but not so relevant to a law firm. By following these simple steps you’ll find your display is much better-focused and more successful at meeting your aims.

Image courtesy of luigi diamanti / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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