5 Common Benefits of Aluminium

64 5 Common Benefits of AluminiumWhen you are cooking the Christmas turkey you probably cover it in the oven with foil; aluminium foil. Aluminium has so many uses in the kitchen. Many kitchen utensils are manufactured with this light metal. It is worth considering why it is so important in today’s world.

Why Is it non corrosive?

Aluminium is non corrosive due to the fact that a very thin layer of aluminium oxide forms when it is exposed to air which provides a barrier between the aluminium itself and other elements which may cause corrosion. It is easy to see how important that is, particularly outdoors; an obvious advantage over the other options that could be considered for a particular job.

That layer can break but its reformation is immediate as soon as it is in contact with oxygen. The result is that it is ideal for packaging; there is no question of any harm coming to contents which is particularly important in the food and drink industry.

The reasons for use in transport

Aluminium is very lightweight due to its density. It is extremely strong especially in alloy form and hence is ideal in an industry that values strength and weight. It is environmentally friendly not least because of energy savings in its recycling and the fact that its own weight contributes a smaller percentage of the total weight of the transport in any form. The energy to move a similar sized mode of transport when empty and made from aluminium rather than a ferrous product is greatly reduced.

It is used extensively in all forms of transport, air, sea, road and rail. As much as 80% of a modern plane is aluminium, 75,000 kgs in a Boeing 747. While different airlines want to make their aircraft distinctive and that involves some painting there is no necessity to paint from a maintenance point of view.

It is very reflective and non magnetic

These are two of its properties and there are many more to consider. It means widespread use, and often in things you would not imagine. Aluminium composite material is something that you will see in everyday life but did you know that it is part of the manufacturing process for glass?


Its real advantage over copper for power lines is again because of its weight even though it does not have the conductivity of copper. The financial equation in every case favours aluminium which can be borne by far less expensive support structures even if its electrical properties fall short.


Aluminium is almost maintenance free however it is used. It simply needs no painting. It also has excellent properties when it comes to insulation, simple cladding providing more insulation than a standard brick wall. It will keep a building warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It is little wonder that it is the first thing that a developer will consider when talking to an architect about a new project.

Aluminium composite material offers so much domestically and industrially. If you wish to know more then go online and do some research. You will find answers to every question.

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