Research What You Will Market

Marketing Research is one of the most crucial aspects of the finance world. It is the process by which information is shared among the marketer and customers. The main aim of Marketing Research is to provide management. There are mainly two types of division of marketing research based on market of target and method. On the basis of market of target, Marketing Research is divided into Consumer and Business-to-Business Marketing Research. On the basis of method, Marketing Research can be divided into Qualitative and Quantitative Marketing Research.


Some Facts about Marketing Research

Marketing Research is one of the most important processes in the finance world. It is the process by which information is shared from the marketer to the customer. The main aim of marketing research is to provide management. One of the main players in this field is the Marketing Managers. They are the people who are responsible for satisfying the various needs and demands of the customer. For doing their work, the marketing managers have to employ various techniques and strategies. One of the main things that they have to do is realizing opportunities.

Some Types of Marketing Research  

 There are various types of Marketing Research. Some of them are Ad Tracking, Copy Testing, Online Panel, Viral Marketing Research and Coolhunting. The first type of marketing research is Ad Tracking. It is also known as Post-Testing. It is the process by which the effectiveness of a brand is measured. The next type of marketing research is Copy Testing. It is a special type of marketing research. It is used to determine the efficiency of an ad. Online Panel is a group of participants who have been selected for research and their function is to provide periodical information over a long period of time. The fourth type of marketing research is Viral Marketing Research. It is used for measuring and comparing the relative Return On Investment (ROI) of advertising and strategies used in communication. The last type of marketing research to be discussed here is Coolhunting. It is a new type of marketing technique in which the coolhunters have to make observations regarding cultural trends. These are some of the major types of marketing research present in the world. They are performing the vital link between the marketers and the all-important customers.


Marketing Research is one of the most important things in the world of Finance. It is the process by which the expectations of the customers are met by the companies. Customers are the most important persons for any company. They are the basis on which the revenue of the company is dependent. It is the customers who buy the various products and services and keep the company going. One of the other very important things performed by the process of Marketing Research is the flow of information. The customers can know various things about the companies through this process.

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