3 Mistakes to Avoid with Online Reviews

Online reviews can be a great form of publicity for businesses and can help to lead to more sales of their products and services. Customers’ honest opinions are trusted by other people, and if you receive generally positive reviews you can use them to your advantage. However, there are a number of mistakes to make sure you avoid to enjoy better results, and here are three of the most important.

1. Don’t Publish Fake Reviews

Many businesses may be tempted to publish fake reviews by writing the reviews themselves or getting someone else to do it for them. However, the truth will always come out, and this will be very damaging for your organization.

Fake reviews are often very easy to spot, which can instantly hurt your credibility. Even if they are not easy to spot, if the truth gets out it will harm you more than any negative reviews will. Everyone knows that all companies will receive some negative reviews at some point, but people will find it hard to forgive you for leaving fake reviews because by doing so you are deliberately misleading your customers.


2. Don’t Ignore Negative Reviews

It can be easy to ignore negative reviews and pretend that they don’t exist. After all, no one likes to see negative reviews of their products or services. However, negative reviews can actually contain information that can help you to improve your future reviews and the products and services that you provide.

For example, you may notice that many of the negative reviews are all highlighting the same problem and this may turn out to be a common problem that you can easily remedy. If you ignore the reviews, you may remain unaware of this problem, and more people will leave negative reviews in the future because of it.

3. Don’t Pay or Bribe for Positive Reviews

There is nothing wrong with letting your customers know that you appreciate reviews because they help you to improve your service. However, paying or bribing people to leave positive reviews is not honest and is not considered a good tactic if you are trying to increase the amount of positive reviews that you receive.

This may not be quite as bad as leaving fake reviews for yourself, but it is certainly frowned upon so you should avoid doing it at all costs. Try to encourage reviews from your customers, but don’t only ask for positive reviews or provide rewards. Instead, say that you simply want to use reviews to enable you to improve your service, and then leave your customers to make up their own minds.

Avoid These Classic Mistakes

You should avoid all of these mistakes if you want to get more reviews as they will not help you at all. Online reviews can be so useful for businesses in so many ways, and they can really help you to win new business if you manage to get lots of positive reviews. But don’t be tempted to fall for any of these mistakes, and instead focus on more effective techniques to get better reviews over time.


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