How to create the best possible in-store experiences for your customers

Achieving long-term success as a high street retailer has never been easy, but it’s especially difficult now. As well as facing competition from other bricks and mortar outlets, you have to battle for custom with online retailers. However, as long as you’re savvy, it is still possible to woo consumers. To do this, you’ll need to make sure you create the best possible in-store experience. To optimise your customers’ experience, take a look at the following simple but effective tips.

Ensure a smooth purchasing process

One sure fire way to deter people from shopping in your outlet is to offer an inefficient, unprofessional purchasing process. These days, consumers demand the highest levels of service and they want to benefit from a smooth, convenient shopping experience. This is why it’s so important to use the right data capture solutions. For example, it’s vital that you have access to accurate and speedy barcode scanners and POS terminals. Having to manually enter product data in order to process purchases can lead to unacceptable delays and mistakes.

As well as using the right technology, you will need to ensure your purchase points are set up to deal with customers quickly and you should always have a sufficient number of staff members on duty. Long or slow moving queues are a big turn off for shoppers.

Engage with digital signage

Another way to woo customers is to use interactive digital signage. This technology is now affordable and easy to access, and it has the potential to transform the in-store experience. You can use this signage to deliver targeted messages to consumers in real-time. In turn, this can help to inform shoppers and drive sales. This kind of marketing solution gives you much greater flexibility than traditional, printed signage and it can also ensure your shop has a more contemporary, dynamic look and feel.

Get the basics right

Bear in mind though, creating an enjoyable and rewarding experience for your customers isn’t just about using the best technology on offer. It’s also crucial to get the basics right. Things like your choice of decor, use of lighting, stock management and even how clean and tidy you keep your shop will have a huge bearing on how consumers respond to your retail outlet.

If you lack knowledge and experience when it comes to shop design, it may be worth bringing third-party specialists in to help. Even though this will cost you money, it could prove to be a shrewd investment. There is no room for error in today’s competitive retail environment and you will have to pull out all the stops if you’re to keep your tills ringing.

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