Enhancing security with audio surveillance

Businesses have long used CCTV systems. These solutions can prove invaluable when it comes to enhancing security and protecting personnel and property. As well as serving as a deterrent, these products help firms and the authorities to catch thieves, vandals and other wrongdoers.

However, as good as traditional CCTV systems is, you might want to consider going one step further by investing in solutions that take audio recordings as well as video footage. It’s now simple to purchase these systems from specialist providers such as Big Brother Systems.

A new level of insight

Traditional CCTV is particularly effective when it comes to capturing break-ins, thefts and violent acts. These behaviours are all easily detectable on camera and the footage can help to alert security personnel and to convict criminals.

However, by adding audio capabilities to your CCTV systems, you can take things to a new level. Solutions that detect verbal communications can pick up on certain wrongdoings that more basic systems miss. For example, people can appear calm physically when in fact they are being threatening and abusive verbally.

A case in point

To illustrate this point, imagine a scene where a customer walks into a store or a workshop and enters into a dialogue with an employee. The individual has his hands in his pocket and does not make any obviously threatening gestures. However, he is in fact shouting and threatening violence towards the member of staff. Clearly, this behaviour is unacceptable and alarming to the worker.

Non-audio CCTV would not be of much use in this situation. If the firm wished to take action against the individual, it would be the worker’s word against that of the customer. In contrast, audio surveillance could be used as evidence against the individual.

Boosting confidence

Knowing that you have the benefit of this additional level of security could help to boost confidence among your staff members. They’ll know that any verbal abuse will be picked up by your system, making it easier to take effective action against perpetrators.

The best results

For the best results, it’s important that you select a good quality audio surveillance system and set it up correctly. Don’t panic if you’re not sure how to go about this. As long as you choose the right provider, you’ll benefit from all the advice and assistance you need.

Bear in mind that you must display signs stating that you have CCTV in place. As well as helping you comply with the regulations, this may help to deter people from behaving abusively on your premises.

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