The Benefits of taking a Master of Science in Mathematics Education Program

The increasing cost of higher education is prompting many students to think twice before embarking on a course of post-graduate study. Currently secure employment prospects for many students are uncertain, which means that the cost of any further education has to be balanced against the possible return on the investment. Luckily an additional math qualification is one of the areas of study which is almost always likely to result in enhanced career progression and a number of well-salaried positions. Have a look at some of the key advantages which a further math qualification can bring.

Get a kick-start on the career ladder

If you have decided on a teaching career in the mathematics field, obtaining an additional qualification enables you to instruct at a higher level and provides greater appeal for potential employers. The master of science in Mathematics Education is a learning program that is specifically designed for professional mathematics educators who want to excel in their chosen field. Armed with this qualification, students are more likely to successfully obtain the teaching job they crave.

Increased government emphasis on math subjects

In the public sector, there remains considerable political commitment to enhancing math skills in schools. Historically difficulty recruiting and retaining talented math teachers has been an issue which has resulted in government offering financial inducements to encourage math specialists into teaching. Suitably qualified math graduates can expect to enjoy a variety of tempting job opportunities with excellent benefits.

Foreign Employment a Popular Option

It’s not just the UK which is suffering from a lack of math graduates; America and the rest of Europe are also experiencing difficulty in finding enough high calibre individuals to fill their senior teaching roles. Obtaining a premium post-graduate qualification puts you in an excellent position to apply for exciting overseas employment offers.

Even if you take a further math qualification and then decide that you don’t wish to continue into a teaching career, there are plenty of other opportunities in the private sector. Because math attracts relatively few students, those that do go on to graduate and undertake further study have access to a wide range of excellent job vacancies for which there is relatively little competition. Some students may also use their qualifications to branch off into other areas of employment where the level of education achieved is of greater priority than the subject matter, for example the civil service.

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