Why Mobile Will Be Key In Marketing For Your Business This Year

Today, more and more people are tuning out of their televisions and are tuning in on their mobile phones. With more than 90% of Americans having a phone of their own, the mobile landscape just became a more interesting way to push your products and services. The success of smartphones and their ability to mimic the abilities of a heavy desktop makes it even more appealing for consumers to switch to phones rather than buy a heavy desktop or laptop.

As more and more phones are slated to hit the market this year, we are seeing a great rise in mobile marketing techniques that can really help drive your business further.

It’s a mobile world

All over the world, there seems to be a greater appreciation for the phone than in the previous years. While people started tuning in on television to get the right information and be entertained, more and more people are relying on what’s in their hands to get the information that they need. Only 8% of the total web traffic in the world comes from America, with the huge chunk of it coming from other countries. Because more countries are embracing mobile phones, companies are also relying on mobile marketing to bring their business further.

Today, mobile marketing is tracking way higher than traditional and desktop marketing due to the number of apps present in the market. The number of mobile phones being activated worldwide also makes it a magnet for advertisers and big businesses who want to gain more from mobile users.

Accessible wherever

Mobile phones are not only used for calling and texting these days. People use them as maps, clocks, sources of entertainment, and yes, shopping. It’s estimated that half of the local search queries made in the entire world came from mobile devices. Mobile devices are the ones being used by people around the world, and it only follows that they utilize the technology that’s accessible to them. Having a mobile device allows people to view websites and do business wherever they may be in the world, as long as there’s reception or a Wi-Fi signal.

Direct messaging

Big businesses and companies are relying on mobile technology to drive their message directly to the consumer. If a business launches a promo or a new product, they can get further reach if the product is being advertised on a mobile device. By having the ability to push messages and marketing materials directly to your consumers, more and more businesses are turning to mobile technology because of its low-cost nature and the ability to drive good results.

Fast technology

Mobile is not only handy, it also brings information about your products and services instantly. People these days crave for information that can be easily digested and utilizing short marketing message can allow your customers to get the information that they need in just a short amount of time.

Wireless mobile backhaul is helpful in order to support the growing mobile data networks that only continue to develop. Faster technology means that your message gets across many individuals in just a short amount of time.

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