4 Steps to Improve Your Law Firms Marketing Efforts

New law firms and new lawyers within those firms face an uphill battle to distinguish themselves on a competitive and very crowded legal landscape. Many struggle for years before building a base of clients, working long hours and getting nearly nowhere.

The reality is this is what most new firm, and many lawyers do. Rather than hire a firm such as Berbay that specializes in advertising for lawyers they trudge away at their marketing efforts themselves, and in the process miss thousands of dollars in billings. Even established firms could do a better job of ensuring the clients keep rolling through the door.

  1. Social Media – While many lawyers and law firms are expert in the practice of law, the art of social media is lost on them. Even if they are doing it themselves they often make numerous mistakes, and really is the newest lawyers time best spent tweeting and Facebooking about the firm, or could they deliver more value in a courtroom? Many firms doing their own social media marketing put too much focus on themselves and not enough on what their audience might want to read. Social media content has to be engaging and somewhat entertaining for it to have any impact. Companies doing DIY social media are also usually guilty of using lots of legal jargon. We have attached a few more legal social media sins for your review.
  1. Provide Business Development Training to New Lawyers – Lawyers and associates who are new to your firm will not understand the firm’s history, brand, and value proposition the day they arrive. If they are fresh out of school, they will also lack the skills and knowledge required to build a client base. Smart law firms work with their advertising agency to put together a training crash course for all new employees on how they can market themselves and the firm. Providing this sort of information will help your new lawyers deliver value sooner and be more successful.
  1. Improve The Website – Many law firm websites are stuck in another era. Their web developers have forgotten that gone are the days of static content, and that a blog is very much a requirement if the website is to have the intended effect of driving traffic to the firm. Since we mentioned human resources constraints above, it would also be a good time to note these blog posts should be ghost-written so that the attorneys do not have to spend time writing them.
  1. High Profile Probono – Taking on high profile pro bono work on behalf of a client that has gained notoriety is a great way to boost the profile of the firm. It is also a great way for new associates and lawyers to showcase their talent and skills publicly.

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