Fully Allowing Your Business to Grow and Succeed

Don’t get stuck with a merchant service provider that drains your business’s profits—Targeted Merchant Solutions is the solution to your merchant service needs. Whether it’s incredible processing equipment (such as EMV chip-enabled card processing terminals), merchant services or marketing solutions, we are here to better your business and help you expand and grow within today’s competitive marketplace.

One the main reasons that businesses fail is having a lack of financial responsibility and awareness—part of that entails which merchant service provider you choose. Some providers charge hidden fees or have high rental prices for terminals and other merchant service equipment. Targeted Merchant Solutions stands out by providing just the opposite. We believe in transparency and hope to assist your business find true financial success. Our terminals and other equipment, marketing solutions and merchant services are precisely the tools your business needs to succeed in a competitive marketplace.

We look at your individual business plan, current business situation and your upcoming goals. Targeted Merchant Solutions isn’t another financial obstacle for you to overcome. Your success is our success— so let’s do this together. Targeted Merchant Solutions will pave the way to your business’s long-term business success. It’s all about having and utilizing the right tools. And we have them.


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