Business Card Mistakes to Avoid

Whether you’re a start-up business or a veteran in the corporate arena you must have professional business cards to exchange as you network around your community. These little tools are very effective in distributing your contact information to those who need your services or their friends who have expressed a need for the types of goods and services that you provide. Printing companies know all of the impressive techniques to use in creating effective business cards for you and your staff; it’s a good idea to partner with these professionals so that your cards will make the right first impression as you deliver them into the hands of potential clients. Let’s take a look at some of the mistakes that you and your printing team will want to avoid.


  1. Your business card printing team should be experienced in the industry and know the basics for creating an impressive card. One of the first mistakes to avoid is fancy fonts and vibrant colours that are hard to read and decipher; time is of the essence and people want information quickly and clearly.

  2. Cards should not be created from slick surfaces on which it is difficult to write. Many of your contacts will make notes on the back after they receive your card that will help them remember you and your products at a later date. Make sure that the card designed for you is made from a material that is conducive to writing upon at any time.

  3. Avoid placing too much contact information on your business card; printing services experts know that less is more and you should keep your business card as simple yet as informative as possible. One mobile phone number and perhaps one landline telephone number will be sufficient.

  4. Don’t select thin, cheap card stock to use as business cards; you should use professional weight card stock so that your card will be durable and will deliver the message that you are serious about your company.

  5. Try to make your card interesting instead of a white, boring replica of so many other business cards that are handed out daily. You may want to ask the professional team at if they would recommend using a photograph of yourself on your card so that your clients can associate a name with a face. Remember that these experts will know what works best for your niche and can design an effective tool that will help to promote your company.

  6. Don’t forget to place what your title is on the business card; if you are an accountant, you should place that title on your business card so that when your contact reviews the card at the end of the day, they can file your information in an appropriate location that will be easy to retrieve when they need your services.

With a team of professionals by your side, creating and designing the right business cards to deliver the appropriate message to your contacts will be an easy task to accomplish.

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