What your boardroom says about your brand

It doesn’t matter how good your firm’s products or services are, if you fail to get your branding bang on, you’ll struggle to achieve long-term success. After all, in today’s competitive marketplace, image counts. This is something to bear in mind when you’re designing your boardroom. Arguably the most important section of your entire office, this space must look and feel the part. If it doesn’t, your brand message could be in big trouble. To help you determine whether or not your boardroom is up-to-scratch, ask yourself what signals it’s sending out to visitors.

Enjoying success or struggling to make ends meet?

As office furniture supplier Calibre Furniture Limited points out, the contents of boardrooms should reflect the success of their owners. If your table is tatty, your seats are shoddy and your décor is dilapidated, you risk giving potential customers, investors and other visitors the distinct impression that you’re struggling to make ends meet. In turn, this could put them off entering into deals with you.

At the other end of the spectrum, if this room is finished to perfection with stylish and comfortable furnishings, you’ll sow the idea that your business is going from strength to strength.

Confident in your identity or not sure what you stand for?

Another key to branding success is making sure your message is consistent. Whether you see your company as quirky and contemporary or reliable and conventional, every aspect of your branding – from your advertising slogans to your office seating – should reflect this. If people enter your boardroom and see a mishmash of furnishing and interior design styles, they might be left feeling uncertain as to what your firm stands for.

When you’re selecting furniture and accessories for this room, make sure they complement each other and reflect your company’s ethos. This applies to everything from your table and chairs to your flooring, décor and artwork. To complete the look, make sure you include branded signage within this space too.

Meticulous and focussed or prepared to let standards slip?

As well as getting the basic design of your boardroom spot on, you’ll need to keep this room in tiptop condition at all times. The tell-tale brown leaves of dead pot plants, a layer of dust on the table or pieces of litter on the floor will not give a good impression. After all, if you’re prepared to let standards slip when it comes to the day-to-day upkeep of your office, what other areas might you be neglecting? This is why it’s so important to make sure you have a meticulous routine in place when it comes to keeping this room spic and span.

As long as you pay careful attention to what your boardroom says about your brand, you should be able to send out the right message to any visitors.

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