6 Key Aspects to Consider When Choosing a Labelling Firm

When you have products you need packaging. No matter what you produce, you are going to have to get it to market in some way. You may need jars, or pots, or bags. You will need a way to secure the packaging to keep the product safe and secure. No matter what you sell, and what type of packaging you choose, you will need labels. Without labelling, consumers will be unable to see what you are selling, and you miss an opportunity to provide a wealth of information about your product. Most people do not produce their labels themselves, so it makes sense to find a labelling firm. Here’s what to look for in a labelling firm and how to make the search easier.


1. Range of Printing and Design Options

It helps that the labelling firm has a range of different options for your label design and printing needs. Everyone is different, and requires a different set of processes. You may have different needs for different products or projects. For example, look for the availability of digital label printing as well as the supply of plain self-adhesive labels. Check that the company offers an artwork service if you need it, and stock cutters.

2. Different Solutions for Different Order Sizes

If your company is expanding you need a labelling solution that grows with you. Many companies offer different order types whether you are doing a small run of labels or a larger order. Make sure that the company can cope with a large amount of printing, but can also handle a smaller job cost effectively. If you have a specific job that will be out of the normal range of your needs, this should also be able to be handled by the firm.

3. Contract Labelling Services

Check what procedure the company takes to handle orders from companies like yours. Can you get a good deal on a contract labelling service that handles your short run, or your new project? Check what terms and conditions the firm offers and how flexible they can be to accommodate your needs.

4. Colour Choice

Look for a labelling firm, like www.labeller.co.uk, that has a full choice in colour printing with a high number of colours available for printing on one side, and a good number of colours for printing on the reverse.

5. Fast Lead Times

It goes without saying that you need the job to be efficiently handled and quickly finished. Check with the company how long they typically take to complete a job like yours, and whether you have guarantees as to when it will be done. Choose a company that offers fast lead times as well as competitive prices.

6. Added Extras?

Are you thinking about handling your own label printing now or in the future? It helps if the firm also offers equipment for printing like inks and hot foil ribbons as well as blank labelling solutions.

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