Running A Successful E-Commerce Marketplace

It’s no use telling you the benefits of the Internet because to be honest – you should know all about them, especially so if your business relies upon around E-commerce. Gone are the days of hawking your wares in market stalls, or opening a brick and mortar shop, E-commerce is a cost-friendly way to start a business and eventually grow it.


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The urban legend goes like this – Google was started by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in a garage and right now? Google might just run the world, and they didn’t even have much to sell. Having a good product puts you a step ahead of the giant of Google, having a marketplace to sell puts you two steps ahead of them. The ball is in your corner. Not only that, but you’ve got more tools at your disposal than Page and Brin could even dream of.

Here’s how to use them.

A huge part of running a business over the net is promotion. Get a logo made, if you’ve got an old logo, get it updated and ensure that it is mobile friendly. Your logo is the face of the brand, and you must make sure that it is pretty. A good logo can make you trustworthy.

Social media is a must use tool. Using Twitter and Facebook allows you to communicate with each and every customer that comes to you with a problem and excellent customer service is free. Speak to each client as an individual, solve their issues in the public domain and you’ll look like the business that gets things done. Social media personifies your business and ensures that it doesn’t look like a faceless corporation.

Now, shipping and delivery is the hill that your business will live or die on. It’s the only conceivable way that you can get your product to your customer so you must ensure that if you are choosing one way to excel (and you should absolutely not) it should be postage, shipping, and delivery. There are a number of ways you can calculate the cost of postage meaning you can find methods of saving money and passing those savings onto the most important person, your customer.

A good 1-2 punch of shipping is easy. Pack items carefully, send items quickly. This is absolutely foolproof and should be remembered at all times. You send items carefully, so they arrive at the customer’s door in mint condition. You send items quickly, so your customer gets their purchased products as soon as possible. If nothing else, please keep this in mind. There is nothing worse in business than inconsistency.


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Finally, linking all this together – keep your brand alive through social media, your site and packaging. Give everything a consistent image and make sure it’s your brand’s voice that is screaming through. Simplicity is the key to success, so just ensure you master the basics of shipping and customer service. Everything is entirely relative, and the person that should come first in all of this is the person paying for your goods.

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