The Impact of Smartphones on Business

Just a decade ago, if someone told you about the things that a future smartphone might be able to do, you probably would have considered that person to be someone with a vivid imagination. However, those imaginations and dreams have mostly come true as we are now living in the age of smartphones. They have become so common and useful that it’s bordering on becoming a basic necessity, if it isn’t one already. The tremendous impact that the tiny portable computers have had on global and local business has changed the perspective of modern business altogether, in addition to opening up brand new multi-billion dollar industries built solely around smartphones. If you are not yet fully aware of how this piece of technology has changed business forever, read on to find out.smartphone-2110170_960_720

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Credit card companies were the first to start claiming that carrying cash around was now unnecessary, but that only became true in a real world scenario after smartphones entered the scene. The main problem with using credit cards was that it required the merchant to have the necessary swiping machine, which was not always a feasible option. A card reader for iPhone or Android now allows the user to use his/her credit card anywhere they want, without the need for a swiping machine. All that it requires is that both the merchant and the customer have their smartphones and the necessary card reader application on it. Add this to the fact that there are so many mobile wallets out there to make cashless business transactions a possibility and you will begin to understand how smartphone payment options have expanded the scope and opportunity of business all around us.


Uber came into existence back in 2009 and in a matter of only 8 years, it is currently serving 570 cities across the entire world with an employee strength of nearly 7000 and a yearly revenue of $10.8 billion (2015). Uber, along with other app-cabs, has revolutionized the taxi business completely and the very genre itself is one of the best examples of an immensely successful and revolutionary business idea that is entirely built around smartphones.


Smartphones did something that the PCs and the PlayStations could never do even with the availability of so many resources at their disposal; they brought gaming to the non-gamers. They presented the entire world with an opportunity to play casual games on an inexpensive and portable platform which they own anyway. What this also did is that it opened up a brand new wing of the gaming industry altogether. Supercell, the creator of the immensely popular MMO, Clash of Clans is reported to generate as much as $1.5 million per day in revenue from Clash of Clans alone.

To be honest, it would be a hard job to list all points in regards to how smartphones have impacted modern business, simply because the list would be far too long and incomplete even then. Everything from how we communicate with colleagues and employees to the very nature of the most successful businesses all around the globe are dependent on smartphones now and that’s not something which is about to change anytime soon. If anything, the involvement, contribution and importance of these devices is only going to grow with each passing year, unless something even more innovative manages to replace them.

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