Will Trump Run for A Second Term?

Donald Trump has been no stranger to controversy in his first 18 months as President. From accusations on his relationship with Russia and China to elegant illustrations of his management mistakes, Trump has constantly had to battle negative press from inside the US and internationally.

However, one particularly stubborn idea about the President is that he didn’t want to win the election, and that he isn’t enjoying being the leader of the United States. As a result, most people assume that he won’t run for a second term in 2020.

It would appear this idea is misguided however, as Trump revealed some of his plans regarding the upcoming election. Early last week, the President confirmed that Brad Parscale – his digital operation manager in 2016 – would be his campaign manager in 2020.

Many of the world’s press outlets have reacted with something akin to surprise at this announcement, but considering Trump set up a re-election committee not long after taking his place in the White House, their surprise seems misplaced. In fact, Trump’s committee has been raising money for some time, bringing in more than $32 million in 2017, according to the filings of the Federal Election Commission.

Given Trump’s clear commitment to running – and winning – in 2020, perhaps the insistence that he is uninterested in the Presidential role is little more than wishful thinking on the behalf of democrats and many of the world’s news outlets.

In fact, we need look no further than White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, who couldn’t have been clearer when talking to the press in 2017:

“Of course he’s running for re-election”.

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