Choosing an SEO Professional Who is Right for You

Search Engine Optimisation can be called a key ingredient to any successful online marketing campaign as well as web commerce. Experts in the field create customised solutions that are optimized for search engines, in order to give you a competitive edge by increasing your business’ profile online and enhancing its visibility in search results. But the question really is how do you identify someone who’s clued into the game?

Companies that Lead the Pack

What is important to remember is that no one person can truly be an expert in SEO because its rules and parameters are constantly evolving. But there are search engine optimisation companies who have their hands on the pulse and are up to date with the latest SEO trends. Here are some parameters to gauge search engine optimisation companies in Essex on.

  1. Check successful campaigns they have done in the past

Most search engine optimisation companies will have case studies put together that reveals their successful past campaigns. Check these case studies or even snapshots of Google Analytics to get a feel of the kind of work that they have done and of what you can expect when start to brand your business.

  1. Ask What they Think About Penguin 2.0

Penguin 2.0 was a major change to the search algorithms used by Google and has truly changed the face of SEO. The search engine optimisation companies that you look at hiring should be knowledgeable the details of Penguin 2.0. What these companies tell you about Penguin 2.0 will also give you an insight on what they think about spam tactics.

What you should hear from them is how Penguin 2.0 is way more sophisticated that other traditional search algorithms and is dedicated to eradicating black hat tricks, spammy tactics, and keyword stuffing. This allows you to shift your focus on quality back-links and quality content.

  1. Talk to them About Quality Content

Almost anyone can value and identify high-quality content. There are some SEO companies who resort to creating and circulating quality content on behalf of your business, but then end up submitting ‘articles’ that are filled with grammatical errors, are difficult to read and inaccurate in facts and figures. This is because they resort to keyword stuffing in every sentence.

While this tactic may bring in some short-term traffic, it is unlikely to sustain it as soon as your illegible content comes into play. This makes you lose your credibility as a reputed brand, product or service and your professional image is tarnished. Reputed and ethical SEO companies offer you quality content that is relevant, engaging and valuable to your reader.

At the end of the day, you can always ensure that you approach this in a hands-on way by insisting that you personally approve any content that is distributed. This should allow you some form of control.

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