Inspirational African businesswomen blazing the trail

It is important for girls growing up today to have women of all nations as role models. In many countries, it is still a struggle for women to rise to the top of their fields. Strong role models help inspire young women to not be afraid to achieve their hopes and dreams. This can lead to stronger communities and families due to women having the opportunities and support they need to lead rich and fulfilling lives. In today’s competitive business world, it is important that young women feel that they have roles that are respected and appreciated. Here are some examples of inspirational African businesswomen that are providing hope and inspiration for young women everywhere.

Naisula Lesuuda

At 30, this woman is the youngest female senator in the Kenyan Senate. Having an inspirational woman like her in the senate ensures that there is someone looking out for the rights of women. Her previous career includes working for the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation as a journalist and news anchor. She is inspired by the battle for better living conditions for women and children throughout the world.

She Leads Africa

This organization has been a pioneer in helping women achieve their business goals. Founded by Yasmin Belo-Osagie and Afua Osei while they were both in their 20s, the organization specializes in getting female entrepreneurs the capital they need to start their own successful businesses. This type of help can have a huge impact on the ability of women to start businesses. More than 1,000 female-based businesses have been helped as of 2014. The goal of She Leads Africa is to ensure that they reach more than 10,000 women by the end of 2015.

Jennifer Douglas Abubakar

Behold Barrister (Mrs.) Atiku Abubakar, who has previously been in the spotlight as the wife of former Vice President of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar. Recently she passed the bar exam, so she can now practice law. Already a holder of a PhD, Jennifer is showing what women can achieve when they set their minds to something. She and her husband show that strong women and men can work together for a better world. Jennifer is also the Founder, President and CEO of GEDE Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to ridding the world of HIV.

Looking to the future

The work that strong female role models do now will continue to have a positive effect all over the world. With more women gaining positions in a variety of fields, there can only be positive effects. There is the chance of more innovation due to the different perspective that women bring, as well as a wider variety of applicant pool for various positions. Sometimes women are afraid or discouraged to apply to some occupations. As a result, employers get few or no female applicants. In the future, young women must be encouraged to follow their hopes and dreams, no matter what field of occupation they wish to enter. The more strong women there are in the world, the more readily employers and the business world as a whole will embrace female run businesses.

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