Looking for one of the 10 Best Businesses in 2015?

The news is full of information about how the economy is improving every day. It may be in some areas of the country, but it is slower to recover in others. For those who are looking for a new business opportunity, here are the businesses that will be booming in 2015.



Construction seems to be one business that is bouncing back the quickest. Homes are being built, businesses are updating, and new businesses are opening their doors. A construction boom helps more than just people who work in construction. With construction on the rise, all building-related businesses, from an upstart elevator company to home inspection firm are in high demand.



People are working so much that they no longer have the time to care for their yards. Hiring a company or individual to do their landscaping is money well spent to many. Not only does landscaping help the people who do it, it also helps the local greenhouses and garden supply stores.


Party Services

Again, there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day, but people still want to host the best parties. Any service you can offer to help with parties, such as DJ, caterer or even a clown, would be a great job in 2015.



Were you excellent in a certain subject in school?  Tutors are in demand all over the country. Even if parents have time to help their children with homework, many need extra help and you can earn a ton of money.


Health Care

This includes a huge variety of jobs. Doctors and nurses are often the first thing people think of when considering health care, but there are many other positions. Medical techs, office workers, X-ray technicians, speech, physical and occupational therapy are just a few options you could have within the health-care industry.



All aspects of technology will be booming in 2015. From the creators who work to come up with new products, to the technicians that help install new software, anyone with a technology background will be in demand.



Every business is competing to make its company be the one everyone knows about. For that reason, marketing will be big in 2015 and the next few years. With some many options available, businesses will want a marketing team to make sure they are using everything at their disposal.


Electronic Shopping Options

Many people do very little shopping in stores anymore. Any business that offers online shopping will attract new customers. These businesses will need people who know how to set up electronic shopping options on their websites.


Employment Services

With so many people searching for jobs, businesses that offer help to find employment will be booming. From helping with resume writing to offering classes on how to handle job interviews, all employment services will be needed.



Unfortunately, a sign of the recent recession has been a drastic increase in crime. For this reason, security services are in high demand. This ranges from people who design and install security systems to people who work as security guards.


Each of these businesses offers something important to our economy and as each of them grows, they will need the services of other businesses to supply their needs. The economy is finally looking better.


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