Office designs to maintain security

Office security is vital in the modern age. It has always been important, but today with so much valuable and private information stored on computer hard drives a very secure office is needed to protect company and client confidential data. It is also vital to prevent theft of equipment and criminal damage that can cause very expensive disruption to a business.

The first step in ensuring that office security is being maintained is to know who is in possession of keys. Often when an employee leaves a job this is forgotten and they walk away with a full set of keys to the building. Security staff or HR should be responsible for this and should at all times know who holds keys. If any keys cannot be accounted for replacing locks should be considered and new keys issued only to members of staff that actually need them.

Entrance doors can also be secured by using keypad locks. These are now available with mechanical or digital keypads. If such locks are used the input code must be changed on a regular basis and must never be given to non-employees.

A member of staff should be made responsible for checking that all office windows are locked upon close of business each day. Many offices have metal bars over ground floor and basement windows to prevent burglars smashing them and making an entry. The bars provide both a physical barrier to protect the glass and will prevent access if the window is mistakenly left open.

It should be company policy to always shut down computers when away from a desk for more than a few minutes. All computers should be shut down before leaving the office in the evening.

CCTV is now regarded as a vital security measure. Most petty criminals will be put off when they see the CCTV cameras and many know that video footage is stored off-site so cannot be deleted. When CCTV first appeared burglars would steal the security videotapes before exiting attacked premises, but today that is not possible.

If an office has a walled perimeter you should consider installing security spikes on its top. These are an excellent deterrent to anybody who is considering climbing over a wall to gain access.

If you need something to provide added security and extra privacy, install some shutters over your office windows. There was a time when shutters were the only way to seal off a room from the outside world. Before glass panes were invented, shutters were used to act as a physical barrier to the outside. Modern versions provide both privacy and security while also being easy to open to let in maximum light and air.

Modern shutters essentially come in two formats – internal or external. External shutters are connected to the exterior wall, much like traditional shutters, and close over the window. Electrically powered roller shutters are now also seen in commercial buildings. However, these are not very aesthetically pleasing but do provide additional security to offices and retail outlets.

Internal shutters are perhaps more practical and they also add character to a room. Today there is a huge variety of shutters on offer that will provide you with total privacy, added security and an element of charm to your rooms. Security shutters can be locked from the inside, which does provide a greater degree of protection.

Good shutters also help to keep the heat out in the summer and provide an additional layer of insulation in the winter. They can therefore help to reduce heating and air conditioning bills when they are installed and used correctly.

Last but not least comes the final line of defence and deterrence – the burglar alarm. Burglars are far more likely to attack premises that have no alarm. A good alarm system is certainly worth the cost of installation and maintenance.

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