Three Major Functions of Through Life Support

Through-Life-Support-Contract-with-AP-GroupDelivering the best through life support is important and equally necessary. It needs to be delivered for every aspect of engineering and logistic efforts. It is necessary to understand the support requirements to provide the necessary solutions.

Through Life Support cycle revolves around the following objectives:

  • Requirement Definition
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Design
  • Development
  • Integration and testing
  • Tracking
  • Fielding support
  • Field service support

Major functions of Through Life Support Services

#1: ILS or Integrated Logistic Support

It is considered as a key function in the life cycle of any project. This process is used for military as well as commercial programs. It was early 90’s when MOD started adopting the Integrated Logistic Support concept. For every single MOD equipment projects, ILS applications through SSE are made mandatory. So, it is necessary to look for service agencies that can easily produce the SE compliant project support solutions to ensure complete through life support of the equipment. ILS provides options to ensure true identification of all those factors that result in cost and supportability during the equipment design stage.  It helps in understanding about the aim behind optimizing the While Life Cost.

#2: PDS or Post Design Services

This kind of a service is formally contracted during in-service phase of equipment life cycles. It must be kept in mind that Post Design Services comprise of a whole range of activities being designed appropriately to maintain the capability of equipments through in-service phase. Some of the major examples of PDS activities include:

  • Technical reporting
  • Configuration Management
  • Function and Design reporting
  • Engineering Surveys
  • Obsolescence Management
  • Modification Implementation
  • New Component Design and Testing
  • Design/Prototype testing
  • Technical Documentation
  • Onsite Training

Hence, it is recommended to deploy a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals to carry out and provide suitable support to these PDS activities. The services need to be flexible to provide higher life expectancy to the equipment.

#3: CLS or Contractor Logistic Support

This type of support services is basically considered to be the outsourcing of different support activities. The CLS functions can be defined as certain methodologies that help the necessary support for transferring agreed level of support to some specific industry provider. CLS has the power to cover widest spectrum of different industrial involvement, right from the minimal transferrals under traditional product based support solutions to those maximum transferring of responsibility to some specified contractors.

OSEC can provide a full range of CLS activities that are seamless to the end user and can be fully integrated into the customer’s existing support solution. CLS support solutions are wide ranging and must be tailored to meet the requirements. Here the logistic efforts are carried out by clients to a CFC (Contracting for Capability) that relies on contractor performance through various set of activities. In order to learn about the complete range of activities, please go through Support Options Matrix (SOM). Designing the SOM is not easy. Only efficient engineers can carry out the designing phase while trying their best to achieve the best support balance required making the entire project a success while focusing on SSE compliancy.

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