Why Coat Hangers are Great for Advertising

Coat hangers, also known as ‘clothes hangers’, are simple creations designed for you to hang your clothes on. However, as well as this simple use, they can also be a very effective means of advertising. This is managed on the triangular shaped hangers, by covering the gap with a paper or card advertisement.

Whatever your business, if you are looking for a new way of marketing, then why not consider coat hanger advertisements? While coat hanger advertising is a relatively new idea, those that have already tried it have found it to be very beneficial for business. Below is a guide to why coat hangers are a great way of advertising, and the advantages that this kind of marketing has.


Primarily, coat hangers with advertisements on are usually found in dry cleaners, launderettes and hotel rooms. This is because it is a natural place where you would expect to find coat hangers, and also a place where you can be sure that people will come into close contact with your advertisement.


Coat hangers are a versatile way of doing advertising.

However, the brilliant thing about coat hanger advertising is that it is incredibly versatile. They can be hung practically anywhere, as long as it is agreed with the owner of the premises. They look great in shop windows, as well as in fitting rooms of stores where people might be trying clothes on.


Cost Effective

Coat hanger advertising is a very cost effective method of marketing. Printing your advertisement onto paper or card is very cheap, and buying the coat hangers themselves is equally as low priced. The only thing you may have to pay for is the place in which they are hung, although this is also usually very reasonable too.

There are lots of different coat hangers available, but as long as you get something sturdy, the colour itself doesn’t necessarily matter, as most of the coat hanger will be covered up with your advertisement.

Reach Lots of People

Another fantastic benefit of using coat hangers for marketing is that your advertisement will reach lots of people. This is especially true if they are placed in hotel rooms, as people will be hanging up their clothes and are much more likely to read the information placed on their coat hanger.

Although it may seem that less people will see your coat hanger advertisement than if it was on a billboard or in the newspaper, you have to consider the variables. People are more likely to read coat hanger advertisements as they only reach one or two people at a time, for example, in a launderette or hotel. Therefore, although they may reach fewer people overall, you are more likely to get custom because people are more likely to spend time reading it. They will also have the time and opportunity to note down your details.


Coat hangers are a common part of everybody’s lives.

Easy to Change

Coat hanger advertisements are very easy to change, which is great if you want to advertise short-term offers or deals. As a result of them being so cost effective, you don’t have to worry about spending lots of money on something that will only be valid for a week or so, as you can easily change it to something else!

Innovative and Unusual

Finally, coat hanger advertising is a very innovative, stylish and still quite unusual means of marketing. As a result it attracts more people to read it and can make a significant difference to your business. It also sends out the message that your company thinks outside of the box, which can attract even more custom.


Although you might not realise it, using coat hangers as a form of advertisement is definitely a great idea. It can be very beneficial for your business and is a very cost effective means of marketing.

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