Why You Should Partner With a Third-Party Temporary Call Cover Company

If you are a company that has employees other than yourself, then having one of those employees suddenly unavailable can force business operations to come to a grinding halt. Most businesses cannot afford to have an employee unavailable on any day they are expected to work, but the reality is that unexpected absences can and do happen.


Your Receptionist Calls Out Sick

Bacteria and viruses force millions of workers to call out from work each and every day, and your business will not be immune from having an employee call out on any given day because they have come down with a serious cold or the flu. Trying to coerce a sick employee to come in despite calling out sick is bad for a number of reasons:

  • It will have a negative effect on that employee’s level of engagement in the workplace

  • Having a sick receptionist will give your company a bad reputation (i.e. potential customers and clients may frown upon the fact that an obviously ill employee is being “forced” to work)

  • Having a sick employee in the workplace can have a domino effect and cause you and other employees to also fall ill

Your Customer Support Employee Deserves a Holiday

Everyone deserves a break every now and then. In fact, holidays have been proven to help improve the health and the productivity of an employee. Unfortunately, that also means having a much-needed employee absent when your business may need him or her the most.

Your Secretary Hurt Her Back

An employee may need to take a leave of absence at any time, whether that is to handle a family issue, a health issue, or any other number of problems that must be dealt with. Having an employee take an LOA can mean days, even weeks, without having them present, though hiring a new employee to cover them is not worth the time or the expense.

The Solution: A Temporary Answering Service

Businesses should prepare themselves for the unexpected and begin looking for a third party temporary answering service like Netcall Solutions as soon as they tempt the idea of hiring additional employees for their business. Should an employee call out sick and you need someone to fill in for them, you will know whom to call, what kind of service you can expect, and what price you can expect to pay.

When looking for a temporary answering service, you should look for a company that:

  • Offers 24-hour service every day of the week and for every day of the year

  • Allows you to use their services with no contract or monthly fee (this is particularly important if you are looking for temporary cover)

  • Makes it possible for you to provide the company with additional company information so that the temporary coverage provider can deliver optimal customer service to your customers

  • Is based out of the UK

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